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The Blue Lagoon

An otherworldly wonder in the heart of a volcanic landscape

In-Water Massage

Relaxing. Revitalizing. Euphoric.

A unique experience

Unifying the dynamic pleasures of massage therapy, the revitalizing powers of geothermal seawater, and the otherworldly beauty of the Blue Lagoon’s volcanic landscape, in-water massage unlocks new vistas of wellbeing for your mind, body, and spirit.

Relaxing Massage

Suspended in the soothing warmth of a secluded expanse of the Blue Lagoon, you float on the tranquil waters of a wonder of the world. Your massage—deep, relaxing, and conducted with Blue Lagoon mineral massage oil—is a wonder unto itself.


The ultimate expression of the Blue Lagoon in-water experience, our 120-minute Signature Massage recharges your mind and leaves your body cleansed, nourished, and radiant.

Mask Bar

Enjoy the cleansing, revitalizing powers of silica and algae.

The elements of wonder

Experience the Blue Lagoon’s primary elements at the in-water mask bar. Used in tandem, silica and algae unlock the door to healthy, luminous, ageless skin.

Two gifts of nature

Silica enhances the skin’s barrier function, bringing strength, protection, and radiance. Algae increases collagen production, nourishing the skin from within and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Sauna and Steam

Feel the warmth of heat straight from the earth.


Enjoy the pleasures and the benefits of relaxing in dry heat.


Take shelter in an earthen chamber of moist heat.

In-Water Bar

Quench your thirst without leaving the water.

Relax. Refresh. Enjoy.

Choose from an enticing selection of smoothies, juices, soft drinks, beer, and wine.




Relax in the alkaline bathing lagoon and enjoy the scenery.

Bathing Lagoon

The water supplies for the lagoon run straight from the National Power Company´s bore hole in Bjarnarflag. The water has a temperature of about 130°C when it arrives to the huge basin beside the lagoon itself forming an impressive, man-made hot spring. Altogether, the lagoon and the basin contain around 3.5 million litres of water with a temperature of 36 – 40°C.

The lagoon itself is a man-made construction, its bottom is covered by sand and gravel. The characteristics of the water are unique in many ways. It contains a large amount of minerals, is alkaline and well suited for bathing. Due to its chemical composition, undesired bacteria and vegetation do not thrive in the lagoon making chloride or any other disinfectant redundant.

Geothermal water in Iceland usually contains some sulfur. In this area the strength of the chemical is greater than others. Therefore is should be avoided to take jewelry from brass or silver into the water, they become black and can be damaged. Sulphur, however, is considered to have a positive effect on asthma and other respiratory diseases, and many of the trace elements in the water are considered to have a good effect on the development of skin problems.

The Only Hotel in Iya Valley: Iyaonsen

Secluded Region – Iya Valley

Layered mountains extending in the distance. Iyaonsen is an excellent location for soaking up the beauty of Iya’s natural surroundings. A cable car takes guests down to the open-air bath at the bottom of the valley. Look out at the deep valley and the Iya River flowing below on the relaxing, approximately five-minute journey.

Hot Spring

Ride a cable car down to the open-air baths fed with hot spring water straight from the source. A cable car takes guests down to the open-air bath at the bottom of the valley.

Open-Air Baths


The chirping of little birds echoes from the depths of the forest, and the glossy green and jade of the river’s surface gently soothes your senses.

Open-Air Baths


Entrust yourbody to the clear spring water for a moment of bliss.Soft light plays on the water’s gently wavering surface.

Reservation Only Open-Air Bath


Beside the open-air bath for men and women, there is a private open-air bath that can be reserved for a fee.Here, guests can relax even more knowing that they will not be disturbed.

Large Bath Indoor Panorama Bath

The large bath is open 24 hours a day except for 1 hour between 10:30 AM and 11:30 AM when it is closed for cleaning.One for men and one for women.


Dine on the harvests of the season,grown right here in Iya.Wild mountain vegetables, sweetly fragrant river fish.Enjoy ingredients at their seasonal peaks.